Double Feature

Check out our jam packed double blog!

Weeks 2/12-2/19


Our Star Student is a really cool boy. He loves Cabo San Lucas because its so pretty by the water. He recently got to see all the new cars at the LA Auto Show. 



Valentine's Day!



We went to mass and celebrated Ash Wednesday together as a school.



We tasted Sun-butter and loved it! It's a kid friendlt alternative to peanut butter. We spread it on a tortilla and made a bannana roll up. Yum!

Get outside and play!

We have a great time out on our playground at school. Spend some time this week with your little one running around outside. It's FUN!

Q is for quilt!


 Star Student!

Star Student!

Check out our other Star Student. She is really giggly! She recently got to go to the Bahamas and swim with the dolphins. That sounds so fun. She started doing ballet and gets to wear a super cute outfit. 


Sharing Our Cultures


Look how cute our future Cardinal is! 

Study Buddies!

We worked on our beading skills by making our Study Buddy a friendship braclete.


We made Chinese Dragons to help celebrate our cultural studies. We worked on cutting, gluing, coloring and folding skills in order to make our dragons move.


We filled up our Pom Pom jar for being so well behaved and earned a  Sprinkle Donut Party.


Whew, that was a super long blog! We had so much fun over the last two weeks. I'm glad you shared our experience with us.

What is the longest word in the English language?

SMILES! because there is a mile between each S!

Love, TK