Week 26 & 27

Come Celebrate Dr. Seuss With Us!


We had a great Dr. Seuss Day. We read some of his stories, painted hand print fishes, and made our own Cat in the Hat.  

Star Student!

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Special Star Student! Our friend has a really cool Nature Collection. Recently she went fishing with Daddy and caught 4 fish! She loves playing on the tire swing every day at school.


Que color es tu beanbag?

Come play with me! Make sure you're getting at least 60 minutes of playtime a day.

Where are we from?

We learned more about Ireland this month


We learned about Germany and tasted yummy pretzles.


We got a taste of Mexico with hot chocolate, pan dulce, and even heard their music preformed by our talented classmate.

FullSizeRender (2)-COLLAGE.jpg

The letter S

We worked on our coloring skills by making Super S's. There were lots of tiny spaces we had to fill in. We used our fine motor skills to peel and stick star stickers on our S's.


We also made a super hero to fly above our classroom.


Super Sneaky!

Jacob and I hid all of our friends name tags! We had fun searching for them in the morning.


We had a cool thing happen in church Friday. All the candles were lit. It's a nice though that so many people are being prayed for right now. The next time you're in church remeber to light a candle for someone in need of your prayers.


Take a few minutes and pray the Our Father with your child.

We are going to go with a Dr. Seuss themed joke this week.

Where does the Cat in the Hat go when hes sick?

-To Dr. Seuss!

See you next week.

Love TK