Fall Has Began

Espanol con Senora Paredes

Aprendiendo a contar en espanol


Creative Minds At Work!

G is for Golly


Working in small groups

Our class is so generous when we go to church Friday mornings.


Yoga! We learned about Yoga in PE this week. Namaste!


Learning about the Parish Pantry!

There are many families who are not as fortunate as us. Please check your own pantry for some of these items or grab an extra one on your next grocery trip. Pass on human kindness!

Learning about the Tabernacle


Apple Tasting!

Thank you for bringing in apples for our math lesson. We sorted out our different apples and then got to taste them. Yummy! Honey-crisps are the best.

Study Buddies!

Kindergarten is so helpful to our TK Buddies! We love working with them!

Spooky Frankenstein Monsters Invaded Kindergarten

What do you get when a pumpkin falls down?


Love, Kindergarten