Week of 10/9 - 10/13

:::::: Week of Oct. 9th - Oct. 13th ::::::

On Monday in Math we measured ourselves in apples. We talked about apples being all different sizes, and if that makes apples a good form of measurement. We decided they were not. Here are a few pics of our math lesson.

Monday was Columbus Day. We read a few books about Christopher Columbus. We learned that he took three boats, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and discovered America! In honor of Columbus Day we made Christopher Columbus hats. They came out so cute we had to take a picture!! 

On Wednesday we made Apple Dump Cake. Each student had an opportunity to add some of the ingredients into the crock pot. We did not take a picture of the final cake because it did not look like it was supposed to.  It was a good lesson that cooking is a science and when you change one thing, your result may change as well. The children still loved the cake.... boy was it yummy!

Thursday we visited our TK Study Buddies. We read a book about fall and made a fall scene with leaves and strips of paper. They came out so cute.... check it out.  The final results are posted on Room #2's bulletin board in the hall.

On Friday we went to the rectory to have Fr. Riz and Fr. Adrian bless a statue of Mary that was brought to us from Fatima.

While we were at the rectory we visited the parish pantry. Miss Debbie showed us what food the pantry needed. As a class and school we are going to collect food for those in need to fill the pantry. 

Remember there is no school on Monday!