Week of 10/2 - 10/6

::::::Week of October 2nd - October 6th:::::: 

This week a NEW super kid has come to Kindergarten..... Alf and his ants are visiting this week. He will help us learn all about the letter "A".  


This week in Math we graphed the apples brought in. We also got a chance to taste each type of apple, green was the winner!!!

Next week we will continue with more apple activities such as, measuring ourselves in apples, as well as making a special treat with our apples! 


Here is a little peek at our Morning Business. We are "Going on a Bear Hunt"..... I'm not afraid .....Are You? 


On Friday we went to church. We all sat on the carpet in a circle and counted the money brought in. Then we decided if we wanted to light a candle or put the money in the Poor Box.