Week of 10/30 - 11/3

:::::: Week of Oct. 30th - Nov. 3rd ::::::

This week was VERY busy and exciting.

It was packed full of excitement and learning!

Our week started off with a trip to Underwood Farms (the pumpkin patch). The children learned about all of the different types of pumpkins that are grown at the farm. Next, we took a wagon ride and saw all of the fruits and veggies that the farm grows. After that we picked our pumpkins, went through the corn maze, then ate lunch. After lunch we visited all the animals, and finally ended with a trip down the tractor slide!! Wow, what a day!!

Tuesday was Halloween. Take a look at the pictures from the parade and carnival.

Another NEW Super Kid has come to Kindergarten! 

Lily Ping and her lovely little lions are teaching us all about the letter "L".


On Thursday we celebrated Reagan's 6th Birthday!


On Friday we said "Good Bye to a very special boy! Good luck at your new school Isaac! We will continue to stay in touch via FaceTime and letter correspondence.