Week of 3/13 - 3/17

::::::Week of March 13th March 17th ::::::

Monday morning we needed a little help with our flag pole. Deacon Melecio untied a knot that was tied in our flag pole ropes. He used the scissor lift to go up and untie it. The children enjoyed watching the lift go up and down.


In Spanish we practiced our "numeros" with a game


We ended our day on Monday celebrating a birthday !!

Tuesday we had music. We learned more about notes and practiced our songs.


Fr. Adrian stopped by on Tuesday to answer some very good questions the children had about God & Lent.  Ask them what they talked about!!


On Thursday Fr. Riz came by for a visit. We sang Happy Birthday to all of the March Birthday children. We also sang "Open my eyes" together.


Friday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today we were surprised when we walked into our classroom. The leprechauns were here! They must have snuck in in the middle of the night because our classroom was all topsy turvy. There was chairs overturned, glitter and toilet paper everywhere, green pee in the toilet, and they even tied up Lucky! They hid our gumballs and left us lots of other surprises we continued to find all morning. But the jokes on them, because they left a whole pot of gold behind.

Irish Dancers

We watched Ms. Colvin do an Irish dance with the students from her dance studio. Ms. Colvin was amazing!

Our Very Own Irish Dancers!

Word Wall Words

We can now read and recognize 40 words! We are so smart in Kindergarten.

Room 4 wishes you a Happy St. Patrick's Day