Week of 3/20 - 3/24

::::: Week of Mar. 20th - Mar. 24th :::::

This week we got back to our normal routine. We were able to get a lot done this week in preparation for Easter. Check out of pictures below ......

Here is a little peek into our morning business routine.

       Pledge of Allegiance

      Pledge of Allegiance

               Listen & Move

              Listen & Move

On Thursday, we visited our Study Buddies, made a cute bunny in a pocket and danced the bunny hop!


Friday morning 15 children went to mass. The children had an opportunity to snap a picture with Fr. Adrian


We took our Word Wall Word test on Friday. Congratulations to everyone who knew all 44 words !


In P.E. today we played baseball...... It was so cute to watch them play and they had so much fun!!!