Week of 4/10 - 4/13

::::Week of April 10th - April 13th::::

Here are a some pictures from our Easter Celebration !!!

::::::Jelly Bean Math ::::::

The children sharpened their math skills in sorting, counting and graphing their jelly beans 

::::::Easter Egg Hunt::::::

Each child had to find a total of 7 eggs. Each egg was labeled specifically for each child with their first name, last name, initials, address, birth date and 2 with their class number. The egg with their birth date had money in it, which they had to count for us in order to keep the money. The children did a great job working together and helping each other find their eggs! There was some great team work going on!   


::::::Easter Centers::::::

Our centers consisted of cookie decorating and decorating a foam cross with the words Faith, Blessings or Love, along with some sequins of course.  


At the End of the day we had one last celebration ......

A 6th Birthday

Happy Easter !!!! 

We hope you all have a fun & restful Spring Break!!