Week of 9/18 - 9/22

:::::: Week of Sept. 18 - Sept. 22 ::::::

This week we finished up the letter "Oo". Oswald and his odd animals helped us continue learning about the letter "Oo".  Listening and writing are all part of our Language Arts program with Superkids.  The students love writing on the whiteboards and it is a quick way to check for understanding.  There is so much learning going on that the parents aren't able to see, so here is a glimpse.


Mr. Leslie came by on Monday to reinforce, and to teach us even more about Music. We love singing with him.

On Thursday Fr. Riz visited us and our TK Study Buddies. He talked to us about the Blessed Mother Mary and about the visiting Mary in our church.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to all the children with birthdays in September.

In P.E. this week we had so much fun. We worked on our large motor skills by playing Cat & Mouse and we also practiced our jumping skills with jump rope, hopscotch and skip-it. We had a blast !!

This week in Kindergarten we celebrated two birthdays, Maryanna & Isaac! Wow, did we have fun.