Week Nine... Feeling Fine!

We Are Going A Little Batty In Kindergarten!

Healthy Bones

We are learning about the human body. Healthy bones are a result from three ingredients; calcium, vitamin D, and exercise. Keeping you in our hearts and prayers as we get to see your finger heal up! Love you!!!


Touch A Truck!

We were able to take a closer look at the recycling truck this week. Everyone needs to do their part to keep our planet clean. I got to go in the truck and push the buttons, it was sooooooo cool.

He’s Back!

Zero the Hero surprised us again. Thank you Zero.





We started the letter D this week. I can’t wait to see which Super Kid is next.


Monster Mash!

Check out our cool Frankenstein Hands. They will be on display next week.


Thanks for celebrating my special day with me. You guys are all amazing and I love you so much.


It’s joke time!

Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road?

-Because he didn’t have any guts!

In the words of Bugs Bunny, “That’s All Folks!”

See you next week.

Love, Kindergarten