Taking a trip to the Landfill

We started our journey once again with Car #1, which if I say so myself had an amazing group inside. Mrs. Malyszek was bumped up to the front so everyone else got to follow the leader across town.


We saw a lot of cool stuff at the landfill. We saw where the trucks come in and how the trash is sorted. We learned how we can help by choosing recyclable products and reuse what we can.

We learned about how the Landfill uses bats, owls and falcons to maintain the property. We saw just how much trash people throw away, it is a lot!

Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Webb brought up the rear as we made our way safely back to school.


Raise Your Voice

I feel like this video is an instant mood lifter. Play it whenever your heart needs a little boost, it’s impossible to watch without smiling.

God Bless America

I love my little flag helpers.


Since we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we are have been talking to the children about being thankful and helping others. As a school we decided to give our floaters a break and make snack ourselves. Each room took a turn preparing snack for the whole school. We made mashed potatoes and cranberries and they were delicious.

We are starting to sound out more and more words. We made our first flip book, the kids were so excited when they were able to read it to me!


We also are filling in the blanks to make full sentences. Good job Kindergarten!


Look at our giant puzzle we made. Good job girls.


Celebrating our Grandparents.

We are so glad to see our grandparents in the classroom. Thank you for spending this wonderful day with us. PS, you guys brought great food, I’m coming over for dinner!

We also has two wonderful “Grandmas For A Day” attend

Having Fun Tricking Mrs. Meyer

Scavenger Hunt

We went on a scavenger hunt for “T”s. We each got three clues to help us find the next answer. The last clue led us to the treasure box where we got to pick out a prize.

Study Buddies!

We created marshmallow snowmen with our study buddies. Not only was it fun, it was super tasty!


Check out our new Direct A Draw in the hallway. We are starting to spread our holiday cheer.

Advent Is Beginning

We made our own Advent Wreaths to help us prepare for Christmas.


Our reindeer Shivers requested a reindeer joke this week.

What do reindeer eat for breakfast?


Have a wonderful weekend. See you all Monday.

Love, Kindergarten