Hello December!

Flying Reindeer!

There’s reindeer everywhere in our room pulling Santa’s sleigh. He’s watching over us checking for good behavior.


Getting Our Steps In

Remember, even if the weather is blustery you still need to get out and move. A quick fifteen minute walk when you have an opening will do you wonders. It’s important that we teach our children good exercise habits now so they continue later in life.


The Importance of Play-dough

Playing with play-dough strengthens the muscles in your hands. We need to keep working these muscles out to help us with other skills like holding our pencil. Play-dough encourages creativity as well as relieves stress. Maybe you should try squishing it around yourself after a hard day at work, save some money on therapy for the holidays!


Indoor PE

The weather won’t hold us back! We just take our fun to the hallway. Have you ever played human bowling? There something satisfying in gently knocking your friends to the ground… Just kidding. It is really fun to watch the kids faces as the ball rolls toward them and they concentrate so hard at not jumping out of the way. By the way, our hallways amplify sound, so imagine 22 giggling children times ten. It makes you smile.


Pumpkin Science

There are so many fun things to do with your pumpkins after the Halloween and Thanksgiving season are over. You can cut them open and see whats inside. You can compare the differences between multiple pumpkins. YOU CAN GRAB ALL THE SQUISHY GUTS! You can eat the pulp and cook the seeds. You can even use pumpkins as fashionable headgear apparently.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Fabry

Kindergarten loves you! Hope you have a fantastic birthday trip next week.


Winter Wonderland!

What a wonderful day I had with Avery and Ms. Martha at the ice rink. We skated around and around and around, sometimes gracefully and sometimes a bit wobbly. It was fantastic, I highly recommend you going this holiday season. We have been working on balance in PE so hopefully they will stay upright, but at least if they fall there is a steady supply of ice available.


Rainy Day!

I love rain! Its my favorite thing ever. Every time it rains I believe God is sending out a special I love you Mrs. Ripling message! BTW, I love you too. We spent recess inside on Wednesday, check out all the fun things we did.

Cool Swing Girls! You’re so creative.


Kindergarten is Growing!

We have grown 9 and 2/3 inches as a class! Isn’t that amazing. My goal is two feet by the end on the year.


What a fun week! I love December.

Joke of the week…

What are you giving mom and dad for Christmas?



Love Kindergarten