Week of 2/5 - 2/9

:::::: Week of February 5th - February 9th ::::::

Monday was the 100th Day of School!!! We had so much fun! Check out the pictures below to see all of the activities that we did. 

Making Fruit Loop Necklaces in sets of 10 to add to 100!

Blowing 100 bubbles at 1:00 standing in the shape of 100.

We had a special visit from Zero the Hero!

100th Day Centers!  Aren't they just the cutest Kindergarteners?!

Wednesday we made a "Ourselves at 100" portrait. They came out so cute. Check them out on the bulletin board in the hall.

On Thursday Fr. Riz came to visit. We learned about some of the Saints and talked about helping others. We ended our visit with a song! 


On Friday we visited St. Rose to see what 1st grade is going to be like. We saw the 1st grade classroom and met the 1st grade teachers. 

Friday was our Word Wall test! Congratulations to everyone who received 100%