Week of April 9th - April 13th

:::::: Week of April 9th - April 13th ::::::

This week we are working on the letter and sound of "Vv". In this weeks story Golly has gotten hurt and has to go to the vet to get better. 


Writing the 


letter "V"

Here is a sneak peek at our Morning Business. The Helper of the Day writes the date on the board with a student helper. They also work on money by writing the number of days we have been in school in dollars and cents. For instance 138 days of school is written as $1.38 & $138.00.

On Wednesday we read popcorn style in our Superkids books. The children enjoyed this new style of reading. 

Look who lost her first tooth!


On Wednesday we did a Direct-A-Draw of a frog, they came out adorable! Stop in and take a peek at your child's  art work. 

Thursday was our Word Wall Word test.

Congratulations to everyone who received 100%.


Friday was our field trip to the Landfill. The children really enjoyed it. Ask them what they learned and how to make our environment better! 

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