Week Number Five!

Introducing a New Way to Share!

Since our Kindergarteners are such smarty pants we decided to give them a new challenge for share this week. Instead of our share item only starting with “o” we are sharing items with the short o in the beginning or the middle. Take a look at our Stumpers. We had Frog, Oxygen, Vons Bag, Dog, Otoscope, Dodger Hat, Sock, Lolly pop, Cotton Pad, and Fox.

Zero the Hero is Back!

We made it to the twentieth day of school and were surprised by another visit from Zero the Hero. He dropped off zero shaped candy and zoomed off to another Kindergarten class. He was so fast, Mrs. Bushore said she saw him flash past her out the door! You are so lucky Mrs. Bushore, I hope we all get to see him one day.


Importance of Legos

Legos are not only my favorite toy, but they’re great for everyone! They inspire creativity, engineering, and sense of accomplishment all while building muscles in your hands. Did you know that while building kids incorporate math through patterns and symmetry? Pull out your tub of Legos this week and see where your imagination takes you.



Rain, Rain,

Please Come Today!

Mrs. Meyer taught us a “Rain Dance.” I hope it works soon. It is so hot outside, bring on the rain.

We had two birthdays this week. Can you believe it? Just last week we were all five, but we are growing up fast.




Bubble Mania


Wow! Giant bubbles are always fun for everyone. Check out how much fun we had on Tuesday. Every time a kid stands in one of those giant bubbles I wonder if it pops all over them does that count as a quick clean or do they still need a bath tonight? Because if it counts as a quick clean, whoever patents that will be a millionaire.


Bubble Vs. Bubble

Two of our students had a competition at Bubblemania. They tried to bounce a bubble as many times as they could before it popped. We got 21 and 7, wow!

44184162-DE0B-40EE-A51D-B1327F5A9E36-COLLAGE (1).jpg

Exercise is important…

Not just for kids but for adults too. Parents, are you getting your daily dose?



Here we are at the end of the page again. In theme with our Owl Board, I decided to do an owl joke.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Who Who?

…Are you an owl?

He He that was Owltastic. See you next Friday.

Love, Kindergarten