The 100th Day of School has arrived!

Check out our 100th day celebration!

It’s finally here! We made it to day 100! Check out all the fun stuff we did to celebrate.


We counted out 100 fruit loops to make a beautiful as well as “tasteful” necklace.

We made 100 out of donuts and licorice. Yum!


100 Hersey Kiss Hunt. We are still missing three…


Bubbles at 1:00

The kids had a blast blowing and catching bubbles.

100 Licks!

Building structures out of 100 cups

This was a tricky center. The kids had to first count out 100 cups and then work together to build something.

We made a number chart to 100

We counted out 100 yummy goodies to make out own trail mix.


Wow, we are so lucky that Zero came to visit us! We must have been on our best behavior this year.


Jacob as Spanish Teacher

Senor Jacob! Jacob won the job of Spanish teacher from our auction night! He did a wonderful job.


The Dentist pays St. Peter a visit

Winter Projects

Swinging around like little monkeys!

Showing our school spirit by wearing yellow and sports day.

Study Buddy Scavenger Hunt

The Smartest Kindergarten in the United States


Experimenting with flowers and Sea Monkeys

Making Rosaries

Loosing teeth left and right!

Check out our Kindergarten Post Office!

Sometimes I like to make forts with our class projects.


We have started mailing our Valentines. It is a lot of fun. I hope everyone brings in their Valentines soon so they have a chance to be the mail-worker.

Word Wall

We are up to sixteen words! Our class is doing an amazing job reading these words every Friday. Keep up the good work!


What did the snowman have for breakfast?

Frosted Flakes!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Kindergarten