Hello Spring!

Wow the weather outside is so nice. I think its finally time for shorts. Say hello to legs!

Where have all our teeth gone?

We watched Isabella do so well in her Irish Dance Show. We are all so proud of you.

If anyone is interested in signing up, Ms. Shannon’s class starts at 3 years old. We have a guest appearance on our blog this time by an adorable little sister! Look how cute she is in her Irish Dance outfit.


Watch Kindergarten Grow!

Bzzzz Bzzz. Watch out for our stingers.

Get Out And Play!

What is your favorite thing to do on the playground? I love going on the tire swing. I also like pushing the tire swing. You should go to the park this weekend and push your kids on the tire swing. There is one at Stargaze Park over by the new Target, maybe I will see you there.

Hail! It was so exciting to see hail last week.

Mr. Funn showed us all kinds of magic tricks. He gave us all balloon animals and made us laugh a lot.

Word Wall Test

We are up to 48 words! Great job Kindergarten.

Well, Parent Teacher Conferences are over and next week we will be back to our normal schedule.

What flies around the school at night?

—The alpha-bat

He He He Mrs. Ripling is a crack up!

Love, Kindergarten