Easter Is Coming!

Birthday Birthday Boy!

Another birthday! Yay! Im so happy to see you turned six.


More Teeth? Im starting to think Mrs. Meyer and I should be receiving a commision from the Tooth Fairy. .

Trike A Thon

What a fun way for us to raise cancer awareness for our kids. They did a good job receiving donations for our event. ZOOM ZOOM!

Click on our slideshow below.

Thank you for sponsoring our event!


Bad Boys… Bad Boys

Whacha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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Our field trip started off with an amazing group in CAR ONE!!!


Lock Those Kindergartners Up

We learned a lot about the police station. We saw where the calls come in to dispatch, the Watch Commander (AKA Big Brother), we saw holding cells and even had a chance to go in a real police car.

Caboose with Mrs. Meyer!


Our Future Mad Scientists

Look who just turned 6!

How Old Are We Now?


Espanol con Senora Paredes

Estamos aparendiendo sobre las formas.

Cual es tu forma favorita?

Mi favorito es un triangulo.

Word Wall Test


Learning To Tell Time

Come Pray With Us!

Friday mornings at 7:30 meet us for morning service.


“Egg”ucational Easter Hunt!

Counting Our Money Eggs!


Everyone had to count their money eggs. The following students were able to correctly count their money.

Alexis, Matthew, Gael, Caden, Mila, Ian, Ava, Kendan, Cruz, Avery, Jacob S., Athena, Jade, Isabella, and Jacob N.

Cookies and Milk with Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Ripling

What a fantastic night we had. I’m so glad you won the auction and Mrs. Meyer and I had the chance to spend extra time with you. You are a wonderful kid and you bring joy to the two of us. Keep being the fantastic person that you are, we love you!

What kind of beans don’t grow in the garden?

-Jelly beans

Love, Kindergarten