Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud

Kindergarten Is Rocking It!

Our field trip to Greg and Steve was so much fun. The kids had a blast singing and dancing. We even got to go on stage and dance with Greg and Steve. What a great day.

Spring has sprung!

Our chicks are hatching out of our eggs. We took our time and colored beautiful eggs to decorate our door. There are spring projects decorating our whole room.

School Fund Raiser.

Yum, I love a day at Regal plaza, especially when it includes frozen yogurt. Thank you for coming out and supporting our school. I enjoy seeing our kids laughing and running aroung.

Working on souding out words.

We have been working on writing ryming words. Our students are dear I say, BRILIANT!


We did it! We lost a whole mouth full of teeth.

Our twentith tooth finally came out. Room four is suppling the Tooth Fairy with plenty of loose teeth.

Lenten Supper

Macaroni and Cheese, PB&J, and Cookies. What a delisious dinner!

Birthday Boy!

We have quite a few birthdays coming up this month. Our first celebrated today. Look at our handsome new six year old.

How Old Are We Now? Look at our equal numbers!


Easter is right around the corner.

We are have been talking about Jesus and his tomb. Look at our pretty Easter pastels.

Releasing our butterflies!

Last week we released our class butterflies with the whole school. We released them by our milkweed plants in the garden so they can nest. Some of our butterflies took off as soon as we opened the container, while others were a little shy and were reluctant to fly at all.

Word Wall Words

Here are our students who got 100 percent. Keep practicing so we can all make the list next Friday.


Stations of the Cross


All right, get ready for it…

Does Febuary look like March?

-No, but April May!

Hehehe Love,