Dinosaur Week

Here Come The Paleontologists!

Decorating our hard boiled dinosaur eggs

Then using our motor skills to peel and eat them

Using warm water to free our dinosaurs out of their frozen eggs

Making dinos out of our hand prints

Going on a dinosaur hunt through the school. We made tracked them down all the way over in the Parrish Office. We rescued Father Riz and Father Luis from those pesky dinos.

We used baking soda and cornstarch to make dinosaur eggs. After they set we watched them fizz when we added vinegar.

Lego Stamping. Who knew that Legos made such great paint brushes.

Connect the Dino dots!


Watermelon Dinosaur Spikes!

Fun with dinosaurs

Discovering dinosaurs through watercolor!

Breaking open sand eggs and freeing dinos

Thanks for spending time with us Father Luis! We love you.


Quoting Mrs. Ripling’s favorite movie…

What do you call a blind dinosaur?


What do you call a blind dinosaurs dog?

-Doyouthinkyousaurus Rex!

HEHEHEHE I’m hilarious!

Thanks for looking.

Love, Summer Kids