Summer School 2019

Join us as we become Mad Scientists!

Watch our Walking Rainbow. The colors all seeped up the paper towels.

When we added warm water to skittles we pulled the colors off them.

Watch out! We are full of sticky shaving cream hands and we’re still looking to give you an ooey gooey hug!

Learning about how we are all made up of teeny tiny atoms. Look at our yummy molecules!

The texture of our wax paper makes our water drops roll off the surface. Try using droppers at home, they are great for your child’s motor skills.

Let’s get a little dirty. Come check out what we planted in the garden.


Jello Rain Cloud Cups… I totally ate two!

Happy 4th of July!

Exploding Elephant Toothpaste!

Having a great summer together!

Sports Week!

Balloon Tennis

Sports Coloring

Michelangelo Art

Jello Slime. Our class smelled great after making this.

Fun with paint

Having a great time at summer camp!

Hope you guys enjoyed our pictures.

Ready for our joke of the week.

What do you get when Captain America and The Hulk hang out together?


Love, Summer Camp Kiddos