September Fun

Helper of the Day Packet!

We started making Helper of the Day Packets. Everyday we practice our writing skills and draw a picture for our Helper of the Day!


Loosing Teeth!


Our newest member of Kindergarten. Isn’t she CUTE?


Eating Healthy is good for your body. Are you getting enough veggies everyday?


I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Being Flag Helper is an important job. We learn how to put up and take down the flags, we learn how to fold them, what it means when the flag is at half staff, and what to do if we see a flag raised upside down.

Direct A Cut

Fire Drill

Do you have a Fire Safety Plan? Talk about what to do if there is a fire in your house.


Direct-A- Draw

We follow step by step directions to make an amazing picture. They’re hanging above our desks.


Math Test

Check out our cool offices. We get to use them on Math Test Days!


A Special Thank You!

Thank you Mrs. Herrera and Mrs. Jackson for helping out in our class during centers. Kindergarten appreciates you.


Study Buddies

Kindergarten and TK join forces for Study Buddies. We meet up with our younger class to help them make class projects. TK has been working on Little Red Riding Hood so we made our own Wolfs and Reds. You can see them posted outside the TK classroom.

Our First Field Trip

We have been learning about different healthy foods and how they help our bodies. We took a trip to the grocery store to see how food is stored and sold.

What’s a tree’s least favorite month?



See you next week.

Love, Kindergarten