Week of 10/17 to 10/21

Ally Ally Auction-Free!

Dear readers, don't mean to be a broken record, but we are really needing more support and help. Our raffle baskets are low, and we are needing many items. This week, auction item shopping lists were passed out. If you happen to be out and about, see if you can't pick up one item off that list.  If you buy several items, take a picture and tag the school! 

If contributing financially is a hardship for your family, -totally understandable with rent/mortgage, tuition, bills, groceries; Please sign up to help out at our carnival, sign up to help make decorations, and for those who are always out and about running errands, pick up a few donation letters out of the office and pass them to local businesses!  Your time is valuable and two fold, one for helping out the school and serving your child, the other is that you get service hours! (REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE 20 REQUIRED HOURS: 2 DIRECTLY FOR AUCTION NIGHT)

Click below for SIGNUP GENIUS of volunteer opportunities:

Ticket sales

Wine Pull Coordinator


Help on the day of Set up to clean up

All things finance for the day of the event


Starting at the 5pm Mass on Saturday, and all the way until the 7pm Mass on Sunday, a Parent Advisory Board Representative and a Teacher will be outside of the church representing the school! We will be selling raffle and entrance tickets, providing information about the school and everything in between. If you see us, say "HI" take a picture and post it tagging the school! Encourage friends, families, and neighbors! 


Bette Alkazian: "Raising Children 1-5yrs"

Tuesday, October 25th at 7pm in the Youth Center, Bette will be speaking with parents about: What to expect as a parent as a child grows from 1-5 years, what is challenging and how to overcome them as a parent. Helpful tips on strategies of parenting, and so much more! This is an invaluable talk, too good to miss! 

For further parenting resources check out these links: