Week of 10/3 to 10/7

Totes about Tech!

This past Friday our staff meeting went over blogging and our ipads! The ipads gifted by the Parent Advisory Board have been distributed among the classrooms. The teachers got to dig deep in our new website and I demonstrated to them about how to post blogs. With technology becoming more and more of an everyday commonality, each classroom will be able to post weekly summaries about classroom lessons, projects, activities and so much more. If you have a chance, visit your child's classroom page and click on the blog button! 

I would like to also give a special shout out to Mr. Bushore, who's school donated each classroom an apple t.v. With this, teachers can integrate their ipads with the apple t.v. and smart boards! Now all we need to do is beef up our wifi!  

Courtney Campbell

What a delight it was to have a musical performance! The kids enjoyed singing to the beat and following along with Courtney's style of story telling and musical fun! Thanks again to the PAB for sponsoring the event and for Mrs. Hellinger for setting it all up! 

LifeTouch update

I have been in contact with the LifeTouch team, there are previews of both the holiday and spring background, please check them out and send me a quick email about your thoughts!


Come join the St. Peter Claver family for a night of bowling. This is a time to have your little ones play with their friends and for you to meet with the parents! Enjoy this time and the comrade! 

Friday October 14th at 6:00pm Harley's Valley Bowl 5255 Cochran St. in Simi Valley!

$10 per person, with unlimited bowling and shoe rental, come to the office for your sign up sheet to reserve your space!