Week of 11/14 to 11/18

Welcome Back to Our Mary!

Mary is happy to have returned to her office duties here at the school. She is my support to all of the work that is done in the office, which is a big task all on it's own. On her first day back it was so nice to see so many families and children offer a welcome and a happy birthday! 

From the words of Mary:

I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown me in the last month! Your love and concern following my surgery warmed my heart and the many birthday gifts – flowers, cards, singing, photos, goodies (and let’s not forget the wine!) was a poignant reminder for me of the forever generous love of God. I am a very lucky woman to have you all in my life.
— Love Mary

Inspirations for Donations

Just this past Tuesday a parishioner came in to donate some of her fine jewelry that she hand makes. She was at the Sunday mass and saw our School Ministry booth and noticed that we were open for donations to be added to our raffle baskets. These items were graciously offered up to our Casino Night! Check out what beautiful pieces you can win! 

Agnus Dei Jewelry

If you are curious to know what other goodies we have, please RSVP and pick up your entrance tickets! If you have other guests you'd like to join in on the fun, please direct them to our fundraising tab where tickets can be purchased through paypal!

Protecting our Children

At the beginning of this week, I attended the "Safeguard the Children Committee" meeting to discuss upcoming finger printing dates, Virtus training dates, and events that promote protecting the vulnerable. 

St. Peter Claver Parish will be holding Finger Printing on 1/20 12-7pm in the Youth Center. If you are still needing finger prints, please sign up with Mary 805-526-6499.

Cyber Safety Training: The Parish will be hosting a training for youths and parents regarding cyber safety. This will be early next year, more details to come!

Joining the committee: Father Riz has requested to have a SPC parent to join the Committee. If you are a parent who is passionate about this subject, and is able to meeting quarterly in the evening, please come talk with me! Remember, this can be applied to your service hours! 

Taking a Timeout

This past Thursday, I joined with the Parish staff on a retreat to St. John's Seminary in Camarillo. Although beautiful, I thought about what was the point of me going? I began to stress thinking that I am losing a day of work. As I listened to Father John Gouldrick's lecture about three figures; Dorothy Day, Frances Perkins, and St. Augustine , I began to unplug from my current thoughts and just listened to his stories. I felt the stress start to fade, and by the end of the day I felt more rejuvenated than what I was before.

 How can I bring this personal experience of mine, to the St. Peter Claver Parents?

Retreats do not always have to be in some distant place, remote from any of the city life. Retreats can be a bathtub, a good book, cup of coffee in silence, or a glass of wine in the evening. A retreat is a chance to take a "time out".  Stop with what keeps you busy, stop from what brings on stress, and allow yourself to just be. As parents we find this to be a challenge on it's own.

What is so important about retreats? Your brain, your body, your soul needs a chance to recharge. Your phone can not keep going on and on without charging it, nor can we. 

With the holidays on the move, please take some time to contemplate your own retreat, your "time out". Can you put it in to practice everyday? Once a week? What does that look like? Taking a little extra time in self care may lead to more success in your work, in your relationships, and with your child.