Week of 9/26 to 9/30

Whats been happening in your classroom?


Room 1

With the littlest of them all, these tykes have been learning about the letter Bb. What does it sound like? What does it look like? What starts with the letter Bb? They made Bb bunnies, and painted with Bb balls! Thursday and Friday they became little bakers and made delicious brownies! Yum! 

In Church, they listened to the story about Noah's Ark. As a project to remember the story they will be making a mobile of the ark!

Even though fall is here now, the days do not feel at all cooler and our Simi Valley sun is still bright and ever so shiny! Which is all the more reason to support our school in our fundraising efforts to get more shade structures for the east playground! 

We do our best to keep these little ones cool by offering water to drink, shady spots to sit, having the water table to play with, and some times, Mrs. Meyer will squirt the hose! 


Room 2

Mrs. Chyanne and Ms. Shannon have been busy working with the the students on the letter Aa and Bb, the color Red and the Star shape! This week was the last week that they read the "Little Red Ridding Hood", next week they will read about "Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears". The letter for the week will be the letter Cc. 

Talk with your child about the Aa, Bb, and introduce the shape and sound that the letter Cc makes! Click here to read about 10 ways you can play games at home to help learn the ABC's!

Ms. Shannon checking stamps to see who made it to the Treasure Box! 

Ms. Shannon checking stamps to see who made it to the Treasure Box! 

From last week and this week, we practiced many drills: fire, earth quake, and lock-down. The teachers made sure that the children were prepared by talking about what can be done in order to stay safe in an emergency situation. Sometimes these situations may be scary, but it is best to stay calm and listen to directions.

Click to find a list of ways to talk to your child about emergency drills!

Room 3

Our TK'ers have been working diligently on learning their position words, like over and under. Test your little one at home to see if they can show you what is over something and what is under something. 

For their share items children have been bringing in their favorite books, something that is red, and something that they do after school. With the interactive white boards, they play games that the whole class participates in and takes turns. This week they focused on colors!

Friday the students made Jack-O-Lanterns! Pinching, gluing, cutting, and placing, are skills needed in order to all work the little muscles in the hands in preparation for writing! 

Room 4

On Thursday Father Riz came with his guitar and talked with the children in rooms 3 and 4 about the Saint of the Day. This particular day it was for the Archangel Michael, our protector. He also mentioned other important angels such as Gabriel and Rafael. The Kinders and TK class sang together

Thank you Lord for giving us the sun and stars
Thank you Lord for giving us brothers and sisters
Thank you Lord for our Moms and Dads
Thank you Lord for Teachers and Priests...

On Friday, Kindergarten went on a field trip to Vons! In class they have been learning all about the growing process, and this field trip helped to reinforce what they learned in class and place it in the real world. On their tour of the store children watched the butcher cut meat, the walked in to the freezer that was -5 degrees below 0, learned that not only is cardboard and plastic recycled, but so is produce and flowers! They were able to take home an apple, orange, or banana, a cookie, and a cheese slice! THANK YOU VONS!  


Dear Families we would like to encourage you and any or all of the people you know to take advantage of the fundraiser that CPK is hosting for our school. All Day Long you can order food -make sure that you mention us!- 

Click here to print out the flyer! 

:::::::::: @6pm Mrs. Lauren will be making pizzas for you to eat! ::::::::::