Week of 1/9 to 1/13

Week in Review

Happy Birthday Mrs. Meyer! We started out the week with a Birthday and ended it with a Movie Night! It is so nice to be able to celebrate together. It could be a celebration of another year, a celebration for success, or just simply a celebration of life, family and togetherness! 

Panera Family Food Fundraiser Families enjoyed a delicious dinner at Panera, thanks to all who were able to make it over and support our school! We have these special dinner nights to gather families together, teachers, and friends, and raise money for our school to support all of our enrichment programs. 

Fire Drills The entire school did an excellent job at practicing our fire drill. I did a few pop quiz questions for the kids to see what they have learned about fire safety. How to you know if it is safe to open a door? How do you stop a fire if your clothes catch on fire? 

Rainy Weather It sure rained a lot last week, and the rain is expected to come again this week! Please make sure that your little one is wearing good shoes and a jacket to stay dry in this weather. Also, please enter the building with caution, the rain water sure makes the floor slippery. As a reminder, please label your child's jacket! 

Movie Night was a success! Kids and families came in their pajamas, excited to eat popcorn, and sit with their friends. I'd say that they watched the majority of the movie, but at some point, they had more fun running around in circles than sitting for the show. :) A special Thank You to Mrs. Amanda from the Parent Advisory Board, for putting the evening together! 


Are you a winner from the Casino Night live auction? Did you win:

1. Principal for a day

2. Art work for Directory/ Handbook

3. Teacher time with Room 3, 2, or 1

Please come talk to me or the teachers about collecting in on your win!!! Here are some pictures from the winner of "Teacher time with Room 4 Teachers: Cookies & Milk with a bedtime story" 

Music Enrichment

On Friday, I placed in your box, Mr. Jim Lesley's music enrichment sign up forms. If you are interested in signing up, please fill out the bottom portion, detached with the check into the office. Any questions regarding the class, please email both Mr. Jim and I. 

New Year New You

If you have resolutions that you are working on, have you considered creating family resolutions, or resolutions with your children? Check out this link to learn how you can goal set with your child! Good Luck and Happy New Year!


::::::::Things to come::::::::

Education through Nature will be visiting our school, for an onsite field trip! Presenters will be talking to children about the wonderful world of Dinosaurs! They will be able to touch Dinosaur bones, and see all sorts of lizards and reptiles! 

This Friday, January 20th is the mom's night out at Color Mi Vino, fundraiser! We have 5 signed up, we need another 5 more! Mom's enjoy an evening with like moms, a glass of wine, and let the colors flow through you to paint a Napa Valley vineyard masterpiece. This not only gets you out for the evening, but also supports our school! 

Click to sign up! 

St. Rose of Lima will be having a fundraiser! Please support our sister school for a dinner night out at Sutter Mill!

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