Week 10/16-10/20

Supporting Future: Big & Small

This week we had special visitors from Simi Valley High School. These special students are enrolled in a Child Development course at the high school, and with permission wanted to tour our school, observe the classroom, and focus on gross and fine motor development. After their tour I quizzed them to see if they knew the age group of children in each class. Some got it right, while others were surprised by the answers. Perhaps this field trip has inspired in future teachers for Early Childhood Education!

Practice Makes Perfect!

This week the students participated in the Great Shake Out! This earthquake drill was not our typical drill. At 10:19am all children were outside eating snack and playing. Once the alarm sounded, they had to act fast to "DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON". Some did the turtle pose, others found shelter under the picnic tables, but all were brave, quiet, and followed directions from their teachers.

Talk to your child about how to be prepared at home!

Social Club Bowling:

This Friday was a very special event for families to get together and have a fun time. Children laughed and played, parents mingled, strikes, food, games and so much more. These are the things that make precious moments, and builds community and friendships. 

Thank you for all who participated! See you at the next social event!



Our annual Halloween Parade and Carnival is coming. Please make sure you have talked with your child's teacher if they are needing any help in the classroom, or check in with PAB to see if they are needing help with the carnival! This year, we have Kohl's volunteers coming back to help us at the carnival! REMINDER: Whenever we have the Kohl's helpers, our school receives a donation! This get's added to our fundraising account, to provide special events, such as the onsite field trips! -Coming up is Animal Tracks!!! 

Costume reminders: Please make sure that if your child has a costume that comes with a weapon, please leave it at home. Make sure that your child has good walking/playing shoes, no face paint please, and no masks! 

Candy Safety


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