Reminder: No School Friday 11/10


I hope this week was an insightful time, to learn about how your child is growing and developing in school, that they are growing in to their own personalities, tolerances, capabilities, and independence. Hold tight to the suggestions that were offered by your teachers, help at home with fine motor skills, speech and providing vocabulary, following directions like helping with chores, writing their name, and proper formation of letters. 

If ever you would like recomendations of things to do, resources, places to go, please ask your teacher! 

A Special Happy Birthday

 Mrs. Mary!

Fundraiser Unveiling: 

On This past Tuesday night, we had our unveiling event and it was a success! We had a healthy number of parents who were able to come out and see what our new plans for this event will be and how to help! If you were unable to attend, please follow the link for the slide show, and if you would like to help, please let me know or contact the PAB:

Spring Fling Fundraiser and Boutique! 

PAB Meeting Next Week:

Next week is another meeting with the PAB. I would like to strongly encourage any and all who have suggestions, comments, concerns, and anything in between to please utilize the suggestion box in the office. Write any and all things down and place it ANONYMOUSLY in that box! You will be heard!  

cabrillo aquarium building.jpg

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium!

An On-Site Field Trip sponsored by PAB

On Tuesday November 14th the PAB sponsored field trip will be with the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium! Again as a reminder, if your child does not normally attend on Tuesdays, and you would like them to participate in the unique experience, please follow the below class times and you may only attend for the event. Your child must stay under your care at all times:

Rooms 1 & 2 @ 10:00 am

Room 3 @ 11:00 am

Room 4 @ 12:30pm


Welcome our new Afternoon Coordinator!


Ms. Cosha Stanley 

Please make sure to visit our "Staff" tab to read all about Cosha, and if you haven't yet, you can read all about any of the teachers who teacher here at our school! 

Check out the projects posted in the hall from the afternoon students! 

Wifi Portals are now installed and working fantastically! I am urging all families and special pickups to be on top of digital sign in/out. We are taking the next steps to begin moving away from the hard paper copies. The most important factor is the accurate times. There are times where families did not sign in or out and I will go through the attendance and sign it for them. However the times I submit it, is not accurate. If you have other people that need key tags, please email me their names, if you are having difficulty with signing in or out please come find me! 

Another next step is our teachers will be reintroduced to the staff portal, and they will also be able to help parents sign in and out students. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let me know! 

Lastly the $3 tech fee will be starting in December. 

Lock Down Drill:

Next week we will be holding a lock-down drill. Please talk with your child about what to expect and why lock down drills are important.

Side Panel links:

New Snack Menu is posted

Updated school Calendar is posted

Grandparents' Day!

The week of Thanksgiving, is our usual Grandparents Day, at our last staff meeting, we discussed the value of having more one day parties. Thus, all Grandparent day celebrations will be ONLY TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21ST. Please contact your classroom teacher if you need more details about that special day! 

A Big Thank you for those who have helped in the Garden!

The Jamba Juice gift card winner!

This past push for box tops, we had a contest for those who turned them in. On Halloween, we picked the winner! Stay tuned for the next box top challenge! 

Photo Gallery of Movie Night!