Week of 2/6 to 2/10


Scooter's Jungle

All of the children and parents had a blast at Scooter's Jungle. The kids were able to roam, climb and run freely, while the adults were able to watch from the distance. Parents were able to talk and mingle, and others reignited their inner child and played along with their little ones. Thank you all who was able to attend and support the school. From that day, we raised over $300! This event we are definitely putting in the books for next year!  

Father Daughter Dance - Barnyard Boogie

Saturday's event was an unforgettable night. Dads and Daughters came to celebrate together. Memorable pictures with personalized frames were made, line dancing with the teachers, and even a slow dance. There was delicious snacks, laughter and fun. Make sure to mark your calendars for the Mother Son Fun! Happening May 6th! 

In House Items

Being Contagious

With all of this rainy weather, it is difficult to keep kids, even adults clean from viruses and bacteria. The teachers are doing their part in keeping clean and sanitizing the desks, chairs, and toys. Many reminders are given to students to wash hands when they come in to class, after playing outside, before eating, and after sneezing. Remind children to do the Dracula when sneezing or coughing.

If your child has a fever of 100.5 and up, they have to remain at home and fever free for at least 24hours before returning to school. Please always let the office or the teacher know. Also, If your child has a "communicable disease" please notify the school office as soon as possible and bring in any doctor notes regarding your child's condition. 

Signing in/out

As some of our long term families have noticed, we have changed the way that we keep our records for signing children in and out. Each classroom has an assigned binder with a monthly record of each of their students. I would like to remind all families and other caretakers that it is imperative that your child is signed in and out everyday. Every child must be accounted for, and the State of California Department of Social Services requires the signature. Please do your part in making sure you have signed the binder. 

Packing Nutritional Lunches and Snacks 

We have less than 80 days left of school, and perhaps if you are the one that does the lunch box packing, you may running out of ideas of what to pack for lunch. Never fear there are loads of recipes, articles, inventive and creative ways to get your little ones to eat their lunch and even be healthy about it! Please remember, that we can not heat up your child's food, and also please refrain from packing peanut items



  • Getting your little one involved in the packing. Get their input on foods they like and talk about the nutritional value of each item you are placing in their lunch box.
  • Meal Prep: If you are a busy parent with a tight schedule, consider packing multiple lunches at a time.
  • Food Storage: Freeze berries to help keep foods cool and to make them last. Consider bento boxes to easily pack multiple items for lunch. 
  • Options: pack a variety of options that your child can choose from in their lunch box. 

I hope all of these suggestions help spark enthusiasm for awesome snacks and lunches. email me pictures of your lunch box or packing with your child, and I will post them in the next blog! 


Lock Down Drill

This week, the teachers and I have planned our next drill. It will be a lock down drill. Please have a chat with your little one about why we do lock downs. The teachers will be talking about the importance of practice for emergency situations. 

Shortest of the shortest week

Please review the school's calendar. We will be closed on Monday February 20th in observance of the President's day, and we will also be closed that Friday, February 24th for Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. 

Things to look out for in the coming weeks:

  1. Ash Wednesday 3/1

  2. Kindergarten Step up day/Buddy to St. Rose 3/3

  3. Food Fundraiser 3/7

  4. Lenten Supper & Stations of the Cross 3/10