Week of 3/6 to 3/10

3/7 Family FUNraiser

We saw so many families out on Tuesday night! From the looks of it every child enjoyed their time, running around the fountain, playing with friends, while parents were able to chat. Good eats, good company, great evening! This night is going down in the books for next year too! 

Lenten Supper!

It was a hit! we had many parishioners and members of the community show up to eat with us. We had so much food, we sent leftovers home to the attendees, had much to spare with Couples for Christ, and the KOC lunch for the "handicapable" the following day. Thank you to all of the families who donated food, and time to get this going.

Money Raised $340!!!! 

Free Dress and donations from the attendees of the supper helped raise a good amount that we can put towards the Easter Egg hunt and Easter baskets that the Parish Council organizes for the parish! THANK YOU! 

Cashing In on the Wins!

Just last weekend, another winner from the Live Auction of Casino Night. The Webb and Heekenda Families were about to allow their children spend some special "Teacher Time" at Underwood Family Farm. 

::::Parent Advisory Board::::

Thursday, March 16th at 7pm

This Thursday the Parent Advisory Board will be hosting an informational meeting to introduce the board, open positions for the next school year, projects that they have been working on and money raised and spent! Please come join in, you will receive ONE TO TWO hours towards your volunteer time! This is a great opportunity to  find out how you can get involved in your child's school that can really make a difference!

Questions are always encouraged!

Please never feel afraid to ask me questions. I will always make myself available to answer any questions you may have about our school, about our programs, and about any concerns you may have. There are times where I may not have an answer, but I will always strive to find it! Walk in, call in, or send an email.