Week of 4/3 to 4/7

This Week in Review

Fire Island Grill

Teachers showed up early, and families showed up late. For the ones who stayed the children had a blast eating together and dancing in the outdoors section of the restaurant. The outdoors is always the best place to be if you have little ones.

Trash Truck Assembly

Children were in awe of the Gigantic Garbage Truck! They learned the purpose of each color bin, and also mentioned that they help mom and dad take out the trash! They know that Green is for yard waste, Blue is for trash, and Black is for recycle! Each class was able to toss trash in the bin and watched as the truck hoisted the bin up and dumped it's contents. At the end each child was able to receive a coloring page and a drink koozie!   

Kohl's Care Volunteers

After early dismissal, volunteers from Kohl's will come and help out the teachers with Spring Cleaning! They will help reorganize, make labels, clean and sanitize the whole classroom. Along with their volunteers, Kohl's sends us a donation to help support our school! 

Friday EARLY DISMISSAL for Kindergarten 

Please make a note that this Friday is Early Dismissal for Kindergarten, meaning that Kindergarten's school day ends at 12:30. On these days, there is no car line, so make sure that you share this with the person who may be picking up your little kindergartner. If you are planning on your child coming to after school extended care, please call the office or send an email to Mrs. Lauren. 


As a reminder, CMIP is always open for Mother's who are interested in growing deeper in to their faith, looking to make more connections with other mothers, and a place to talk about "mom-things". You will build strength and connections with St, Peter Claver Mothers, who have the same successes and battles that you have. There are Four Opportunities to attend a prayer group, every other Wednesday, and now added every other Saturday! 

The next group meeting will take place this Saturday, April 8th at 8am-9:30am in the Youth Center  

Parent Teacher Conferences

Beginning next week is another round of Parent Teacher Conferences! If you have not done so already, please reach out to your teacher to book a conference. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see how your child is doing in class, what are their strengths and struggles are, what your teacher is working on, and how you can help them grow at home! For Kindergarten families, please note that school ends at 12:30pm. If you are in need of extended care, please contact the office, or email Mrs. Lauren. 

Parent Advisory Board Elections!!!

As mentioned in the last blog, we are approaching that time of year again where Parent Advisory Board Positions are open for another year of elections. If you are curious about the positions, want to learn more about how to get more involved here at St. Peter Claver and even more so within the parish, and make a difference in the early education of your child,

please email our PAB president Mrs. Carmen Torres at: pab@stpeterclaverschool.org

You have until April 11th to announce if you would like to run for any of the positions. Elections will begin April 13th via Survey Monkey and the Announcements of the winning elections will be on April 24th.  

:::::::::::::::UP & COMING:::::::::::::::

  • 4/14 GOOD FRIDAY - School Closed
  • 4/16 EASTER!!!! Join SPC Parish for the Easter Egg Hunt, this is for children ages 2-12 at 1:30, on the West Lawn. Make sure children bring their own Easter Basket! 
  • 4/27-4/28 TRIKE-A-THON!!!!!! -We need smoothie helpers!! 
  • 4/29 FINGERPRINTING: Please contact Mary if you would like to sign up to get finger printed! 


Knight of Columbus Poker Tournament

On April 22nd 5:30-10:30 the KOC will be hosting a Poker Tournament. Sign up today for their Early Bird Special-which means more poker chips to play! Tickets include dinner and drink. Check out their website for more details:

KOC Poker - Monte Carlo Night

St. Peter Claver Church has added a new feature to their website!

From the comfort of your own home or virtually anyone anywhere in the world, can hop on their website and donate to the church. Through their new weshare.org site you can school down and select any ministry listed and choose to donate any amount! Check it out today and share with all you can! 

Finger printing kits

Next week, your child will be sent home with a fingerprint kit. Please read about the kit, and make it a fun activity with your little ones.

Missions of Mercey

Beginning April 22nd and April 23, The Faith Formations will be out with Missions of Mercy sign ups in the plaza after the masses. If you are still needing hours, this is a great opportunity!