Week of 5/15 to 5/19


If you have not yet filled out your summer enrollment form and or your fall registration form, NOW is the time! the DEADLINE is May 24th. This week I will be hanging up the banner and heavily advertise to new families that we are open to registration. If you do not want to lose your space, please turn in your registration form to secure your spot for the fall! 

We have paper copies in the office, or follow these links for more info:



REMINDER: We have the Claver Cares Scholarship applications available in the school office. If you believe you are in need of some assistance, please come by and pick up an application. Completed applications will be due back by June 9th. 

Hook Burger was a Success!

For all of those who joined the school in dining out, Thank you! Mrs. Claudia Jenrich's son Sean is very thankful for all of the support that you showed. His Eagle Scout project is in full throttle! The funds earned from this go to his project of adding a reading gazebo and butterfly garden boxes to the Kinder-Garden! Next time you drop off or pick up, check it out -EN VIVO!


Over the past week, teachers and students have been wrapping things up, busy with celebrations for all sorts of things like Mother's and Father's day, Memorial Day, End of year countdown; Here is a quick recap of what each classroom covered last week:

Room 1: Body coordination with their infamous "Robot Dance"!

Room 2: Here, students had another critter visitor, LADY BUGS and children found out that these little bugs have a similar life cycle to that of caterpillars!

Room 3: Students had spent a little over a week and half learning about the "Tug 'O War" Storybook. 

Room 4: The students took a walking field trip to Inn & Out! On their walk, they took a tour of their community and met with the workers who help make Inn & Out food sooo delicious!

SmartCare Updates:

We, as in Mary and I are working hard on the learning curve of SmartCare Services. This upcoming week, we have another phone conference training where we will have more questions asked and answered. Although I was ambitious of going live this school year, the projections are leaning more towards summer. I thank you all in your patience and excitement in this new administration program. If you have still yet to set up your account, please do so. If you need a new link to set up, please email me, and if you have other people who are not mom or dad that pick up, please come to the office and I can assign you a key tag.