Week of 5/29 to 6/2

Nearing the end of another school year....

Oh has the time came and went in a flash. Some days take forever to finish and yet, you blink your eyes and a year has gone by. I hope that you have enjoyed this year. Either your first, or last, or somewhere in between. Not only have I seen a growth in the children, but in the staff and in myself as well.  


Rooms 1 and 2 will be having field days out on the lawn from 10:30-11:30 on both Wednesday June 7th and Thursday June 8th. TK (room 3) will be joining the classes on Wednesday. Families are encouraged to bring EZ ups, and blankets for a picnic style day!

KINDERGARTEN: Graduation will be in the Church and begin at 11:00am on Friday June, 9th. Immediately following the ceremony, families will be invited for light refreshments and be able to pick up final report cards, photo ops, and final good byes. We will conclude by 1pm.


As stated in the beginning, time has carried on very quickly, perhaps even to the point of realizing that you literally have DAYS left until you need to turn in your service hours. If you still have hours that you need to get in, before you are charged, $20 per hour, here are a list of things that you can do to earn your volunteer time, and avoid additional fees:

  1. "Pay it Forward": There is so much to do to get set up for kindergarten. Mrs. Meyer needs your help in setting up and cleaning up and a list of all other things to help make our Graduation extra special. Please come in or call Angela Meyer here at the school: 805-526-2244 to find out how you can help.
  2. Check in with your classroom teachers to see if there are any end of year tasks you can help with.
  3. Help out with directing parking at the Church -Thursday Night (6/8) from 5:30 pm to 6:30pm. Please email Paul Calloway for more details and to sign up: Paul.Calloway@anthem.com 
  4. Sign up to volunteer for Missions of Mercy -They will be out on the Plaza this weekend gathering signatures for volunteers!
  5. Missions of Mercy: Is also seeking supplies! If you are able to bring in 4 items listed below, I will sign off on an hour, bring in 8 -2 hours signed off! Items can be dropped off here in the school's office, or at the Faith Formation's office -Bianca Langlois (Faith Formations Director) will also sign for your hours!

Parish Picnic

Sunday June 4th 12noon - 4pm

This Sunday is Pentecostal Sunday and our annual Parish Picnic! 

Come join the whole parish community to the family Noon mass, and directly following the mass will be our picnic. There will be food, a bounce house, a small pick up game of bingo and so much more! Our school teachers will be assisting with the bounce houses, make sure to say hello to each and everyone of them!

This year they are asking for any and all to please dress in clothing that is reflective of your cultural background, or you can wear red. If your child just recently completed their first communion, they may wear that same outfit! 


Thank you all who have enrolled your child for the next 2017-2018 school year! We are so excited that parents have diligently sent in their registration forms. Spaces have been filling up quick! Our banner is up and out for all of the Simi Valley Community to see, and we have been receiving many outside applicants. For those who have sent out referrals, thank you and for spreading the word out in the community. 

For families continuing here for the next school year, please keep an eye on your email for any notifications regarding, updating paperwork, immunization records, and handbook pick up! In the next week's blog, I will post the New Parent Orientation, Student Orientation, and Back to School Night dates and times. 







June 7th & 8th

If you have uniforms that your little one has out grown, or that your about to be 1st grader does not need any more, please bring them in by the bag fulls! Other families benefit from using hand-me-over uniforms. Please make sure uniforms have been washed and in close to good condition. Bring them to the office, or if you know of a family who may be in need, bring it to them directly!

Summer Time is quickly approaching

This year our summer school enrollment is looking better than ever! With full and part time schedules, and weekly themes, children are excited to come back to school and join in on the fun that we will be having here. If you are unsure how summer will look, consider trying out a week or two. If you have been waiting to register because you are unsure of the vacation plans your family will be taking, send in the registration form with the weeks that you do know you will be in town. 

Please check out our summer tab, with links for more details! 

For those families who will be off with their children this summer, for any family who may be struggling with REWARD/DISCIPLINE structures, I have found an article for you. This not only can be used with toddlers, but for children into their later teens. Please follow the link below for a good read and some beneficial techniques:



Tuesday June 6th from 11am-9pm Faith Formations will be hosting a fundraising event at Red's BBQ. If you are in need of some delicious dinner click here for the flyer and support a great cause!