Room One

Monday - This little colorful crew started the week off learning about the color wheel!  We read the book Mix it up and made our color plates and our mix it up trees.

Tuesday- We are getting creative with cubism and making beautiful art like Piet Mondrian.  With long white paper we divided it up with black strips and colored inside cubes.

Wednesday- The children read the story A color of his own and made color sheets with chameleons. Then we tapped into our creative minds and made shape collage's.  

Thursday-The children were able to learn about Matisse and different shapes we glued together to make art. 

Friday- This was a very diverse day. We started by doing an art painting with our Guest Presenter Mrs. Meyer and ended making sculptures out of pipe cleaners, sponges and shapes. 

Room 2

Monday: We all worked on our fine motor skills to create a flower using tissue paper! We had to wrap the paper around a pencil and dip it in glue to create a fun 3D effect. We then tried to create a painting using only yarn as our paint brushes!

Tuesday: The kids enjoyed creating their own texture collage! They were able to use materials such as feathers, puff balls, yarn, stickers, and paper! We then started a project where we turned paper plates into walruses! 

Wednesday: We made a self portrait! Each kid was traced and tried to draw what they think they look like! We all enjoyed giving ourselves many different looks! 

Thursday: Mrs. Meyer was here and she helped us create our own dinosaur using shapes! We also made a whale using paper plates!

Friday: Mrs. Meyer was the Art Guest presenter and lead both room 1 and 2 in an art class lesson. We ended our art week with some water color paintings and stamps!