Room 1:


MONDAY The kids started the day with dancing. We made tambourines out of paper plates and decorated them with yarn, ribbon and crayons! We played freeze dance painting with our feet outside what a great game!

TUESDAY We enjoyed making two kinds of wind instruments; a flute with straws of all sizes and a harmonica out of crafts sticks, straws and rubber bands. 


WEDNESDAY Today we explored the world of xylophones by making one out of multi color craft sticks. We also made an editable version with graham crackers, frosting, M&M's and pretzels. This special treat didn't last long enough to go home. 

THURSDAY The day started out with lots of classical music we danced to and finished by making Chinese drums with paper plated, beads and crayon decorations. 

::::::::::Our Musical Performance was canceled!::::::::::


FRIDAY Today we read a great bible story. We were able to light a candle in church.  After all this excitement we finished the day with musical painting. 

Room 2

MONDAY The children enjoyed an art project where they made their own xylophone! We also painted to both classical and rock n roll music to see how the different beats effected our mood in coloring!

TUESDAY Everyone made their own shaker! We decorated our plates and used our fine motor skills to stuff the plates with beans! We then did an art project where we decorated a music note with shredded paper. 

WEDNESDAY We enjoyed doing guided dances! Some of our favorites were Peanut Butter in a Cup and Fight song! Ask your child if they remember the words and dances to Purple Stew and which songs were their favorite!

THURSDAY We each made our own kazoos! We then put on a music and dance party with all the instruments we have made this week as well as the ones we could find in the classroom!

FRIDAY We enjoyed a morning full of Church and Share! Sadly, our musical was cancelled. So instead we made our own Wizard of Oz musical! Ask your child which part they played!

::::::NEXT WEEK::::::

Unfortunately, our Musical Presenter was unable to meet her schedule, and canceled with us. But the teachers quick thinking, created an even better ending to a fun musical week! 

Next week is our second to last week! We will be exploring art! See you all then! 

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Please mark on your calendar for upcoming events 

8/2 CMIP starts back up in the staff lounge at 7pm

8/10 PAB meeting, first of the school year, staff lounge at 7pm

8/11 Last day of summer camp, minimum day and family BBQ

8/15 New Parent Orientation 6pm Youth Center

8/18 Student Orientation: 9-10am Come bring your little one, to meet their new teacher and see their new classroom, no uniform required.

8/18 Back to School Night: 6:00pm All parents attend, no children please. potluck style, meet in your classrooms. Calendars and handbooks available for pick up! 

8/21 First Day of school: Tuesday/Thursday families will be 8/22. PAB is sponsoring donuts and coffee in the youth center after drop off! 

8/21-9/8 Kindergarten Minimum day schedule. School ends at 12:30pm. 

9/4 Labor Day - No School

9/8 Ice Cream Social 

9/15 Finger printing Call Mary to book an appointment. 805-526-6499