Water Play

Room 1:


We talked about the Ocean and made seashells with water colors and made boats with pool noodles.



Today with water theme we made star fish and colored ocean animals. Outside we had water fights...



We made sharks today with sharp teeth out of clothes pins. Outside we made a car wash out of pool noodles.



 We talked about the ocean and read the rainbow fish and made our own rainbow fish. Outside we hooked up pool noodles to the play structure and added funnels for water fun!


We went outside and played on the grass in the sprinklers and slip and slides. So much fun!!

Room 2


We created our own water color paintings which are now hung in the classroom! We all loved the water balloon toss! 



We predicted whether certain items would sink or float in water. We tried to find different objects in the room and test to see if they sunk to the bottom! We also stacked pom poms on pool noodles and had a marble maze!

WEDNESDAY We read Rainbow Fish and created our very own! We also created a Room 2 water color mural!

THURSDAY We read another story about Rainbow Fish and his friends and we created our very own jellyfish! We also did a coloring page where we had to add up all the different sea creatures!

FRIDAY We were very busy with share and church! We continued our morning with making hand crabs and guessing what animals lived on land and which lived in the ocean. We loved ending our day with the slip n slide!



As you may have seen, we have been giving the smartcare sign in app a test run. Please continue to attempt to sign in and out using the smartcare app. in conjunction with the paper clip board. As mentioned this is a learning process for all of us, and I thank you all for your understanding in this. As a reminder, the billing is now added in SmartCare. Please check your account balance. Summer has been charged in total, however you may pay weekly. Please if you have not done so, add payments for weeks one and two if your child has been attending


Next week is SCIENCE week!! We have a special guest scientist from Mad Science! They will be here on the 20th at 9am. If your child is not enrolled on Thursday, you and your little one may come to see the show. Just remember, you can not sign in your child and you must stay with your little one for the duration of the show!