Week 8/28-9/1

A Word from your PAB President!

I hope that you and your children enjoyed the first week of school! It was a pleasure meeting many of you at the New Parent Orientation and Back to School Night. I hope to get the chance to meet more of you and get to know everyone better. As mentioned at Back to School Night, the Parent Advisory Board has been hard at work planning our sponsored events and I would like to take this opportunity to share our September events with you. 

9/8 6PM Ice Cream Social - School Lawn. Bring your families, a blanket or chairs and enjoy some ice cream while getting to know other families and the school staff. 

9/19 ALL DAY Restaurant Fundraiser: California Pizza Kitchen, Simi Town Center - Please join us at our first restaurant fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen. 20% of all sales from dine-in and take-out will be given to the school and donated directly to the Fabry Family, whose son Seth graduated from our kindergarten class last year and was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Please bring in the attached flyer. 

9/27 9 AM and 10 AM Onsite Field Trip: Bubblemania - School. Your children will receive an educational, entertaining presentation on the fun and science of soap bubbles. 

Additionally, in September we will be holding another Parent Advisory Board Election to fill two positions: Environmental Chair and Christian Service Chair. The Environmental Chair plans, executes, and oversees our "green projects" such as recycling and our school garden. This is a great position for those of you with a "green thumb" or simply interested in helping our school children learn valuable lessons through the science of recycling and tending to plants. The students even get to eat what they grow! The Christian Service Chair helps plan and oversee our student enrichment programs such as Bubblemania, Mad Science, and Trash Truck Visits, as well as our special topic speaker nights for our parents. For more information or if you are interested in running for either of the positions, please email pab@stpeterclaverschool.org or leave a note for us in the school office by Tuesday September 5th. 

We hope to see you all at these events!


Carmen E. Torres

Other School Business

Signing in and out on Smart Care:

Parents and extra pick up people, you are all doing a FABULOUS job at signing in and out with the new smartcare system! Please make sure to keep it up, and as stated please follow both procedures of digital/physical signatures. ALSO NOTE - TO SIGN YOUR CHILD IN/OUT PLEASE CLICK ON THE LITTLE CIRCLE UNDER THEIR PICTURE SO THAT IT "CHECKED" AND THEN CLICK FINISH.- If you are still needing a link to set up your account, please email me and I will be sure to resend you one. 


If you have not done so, please also check your smartcare account. Our first automatic bill was sent for the September 1st tuition. If you have questions about your tuition, please come to the office or send an email so that I may be of assistance. 

Colds are coming:

I am catching word that the first wave of kid colds are coming. I have had a large number of students call in sick towards the end of the week, coughs, fevers, sniffles. Please consider adding multivitamins with breakfast or packing extra vitamin C foods like:

16 Vitamin C Foods List

  1. Strawberries
  2. Cherries
  3. Citrus Fruts -Oranges, grapefruits, lemon, limes
  4. Papayas
  5. Black Currant
  6. Kiwi
  7. Bell Peppers 
  8. Guava
  9. Brussels Sprouts
  10. Melons
  11. Dark leafy greens
  12. Broccoli & Cauliflower
  13. Tomatoes 

Heat Waves

It has been a hot week, children have not had the chance to be outdoors as much as we would like, and when the are, the teachers are making to sure to remind children to take water breaks. To help getting wiggles out, teachers have been taking children for play in the youth center, and introducing instructional play. We will follow the same precautions next week, but as the forecasts shows currently we should see more tolerate weather! 

Fire Drill

As mentioned at back to school night, I would make an announcement, without listing a specific date or time, that we would be conducting a fire drill. We plan on having a fire drill at some point mid week. Please take the time to talk with your child about fire drills, about school bells and alarms, what happens and what we do in a fire emergency.  

$2 Free Dress for Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

On Friday September 8th will be a $2 Free Dress day! We will be raising funds to donate those who have suffered in Texas from the recent hurricane. If your child would like to come to school in the clothes of his/her choice, all it costs is $2, which will be put towards a good cause!



Sept. 18th Class Photos Rooms 1,2,3

Sept. 19 Class Photos Rooms 1,2,4

Please make sure that your child is wearing FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM for pictures.

Sept. 21-22 Free Dress Fall Photos

More information about picture prices and how to sign up and order will be out soon!