Classroom description

Room two is a bridge between Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten. In Room two, children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development. Children will learn how to compromise, be respectful and problem solve. Our classroom provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence. Children learn they can accomplish tasks and make decisions on their own. They will learn patience, how to raise their hands and take turns. Children will also learn about routine, following directions and waiting. 

Pre-math and pre-literary skills are introduced. Children are taught numbers, letters, shapes and colors. We will play matching, sorting, and counting games to build the understanding of numbers, sequences, as well as encourage children to notice patterns and to work on problem-solving skills. 

We will read stories to encourage their listening, comprehension, and expressive language skills. We will also do activities that will help build those fine motor skills needed to properly hold a pencil and cut with scissors.

These skills are the building blocks in their education. We want your child to gain the confidence needed to think of themselves as capable and independent learners. This will help your child succeed in TK, Kindergarten and Beyond!


Daily Routine

8:25-8:35am FRIENDS ARRIVE - put belongings in cubby, wash hands, go to carpet

8:35-8:50am MORNING CIRCLE - prayer, job duties, pledge, phonics, calendar

* THURSDAYS/FRIDAYS: Visit to church 8:50am*

8:50-9:50am CENTERS, JOBS, INDOOR PLAYTIME - Large/Small group


9:50-10:00am TRANSITION & CLEAN UP 

10:00-10:45am OUTDOOR PLAY TIME

*MONDAYS/TUESDAYS: Music w/ Mr. Jim Lesley 10:30-11:00am*

10:45-11:00am CIRCLE TIME - wash hands, dancing, developmental game, read aloud

*THURSDAYS/FRIDAYS: Show & Tell 11:00am


*EVERY OTHER THURSDAY: Visit from Father Riz*


11:30-12:30pm LUNCH BUNCH